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Wholesale Fresh Blueberries...
We offer discount pricing for orders of 200 pounds or more of fresh blueberries in the bulk in season. All of our fresh berries are custom hand picked and ready to put into your containers for either the freezer or re-sale. It is very helpful but not necessary if orders of this quantity are placed a few days ahead to ensure that they are available. Wholesale fresh blueberries are available by the lug or 30 pound box. We also have empty 5 and 10 pound boxes for you to purchase if needed. If you want them pre-packaged in the 5 or 10 pound boxes we are always willing to discuss this with you.

We supply some restaurants in the Grand Haven and Grand Rapids areas with our blueberries who find that their customers begin to request blueberry products during the harvest time making sure that they are Behm’s blueberries. We have also supplied a grocery store in Allendale with fresh quality hand picked blueberries.

Fresh Wholesale Hours:
Monday-Friday: 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.
Saturday: 8:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M.
Sunday: CLOSED

If the above hours are not convenient be sure to tell us when you call to place your order and we will work something out with you.


Wholesale Frozen Blueberries...
We offer wholesale pricing on our frozen product. Our processing plant is third party audited by A.I.B.(American Institute of Baking) International receiving Superior ratings for the past several years.

Our blueberries are machined picked daily during harvest time, brought out of the fields in a timely manner and placed in our own cooler overnight to cool them down to make them less susceptible to damage during processing.

The owners of Behm Blueberry Farms are always onsite working during the production hours. They can be found doing a number of jobs that are necessary to provide the finest quality pack possible. Always managing quality, to sorting berries, making boxes, loading the semi or filling out the trucking slips. The Behm’s enjoy being hands on during the processing period.

In the past we have supplied blueberries for companies such as Gerber, Dannon and Yoplait yogurt, Dawn Doughnuts and Bake Mark just to name a few. We have been active in the frozen market for over 35 years.

We would enjoy answering any questions you may have regarding our frozen blueberries, please feel free to contact us!

Did you know?
Blueberries were an important part of the Native American diet - used especially for a food called "pemmican". Pemmican was a fruit and dried meat dish (using venison, buffalo, beef along with cranberries, blueberries and chokeberries) that as served at weddings and tribal ceremonies.

Colonists weren't nearly as interested in the fruit upon their arrival to the new world - mostly because of its tartness. But when sugar began to be a more easily accesible crop in the 19th century, blueberries became a favorite to cook and bake with.


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